Linguistic Management of Basque

We coordinate and collaborate with our clients in defining the development needs of Basque in industrial companies, health centers and educational centers. We try to support the client with a comprehensive advisory service that includes the definition of a 2020-2022 Strategic Plan and the different Annual Plans.
The actions contained in these Plans must be useful in any field of work: external relations with customers, suppliers and institutions, internal relations - documentation, software, training and language learning, corporate image - internal and external signage ...
TASFOR has developed systems and applied Basque Standardization Techniques. He has collaborated with the management teams of the companies with management and management services for all phases, diagnosis of the initial situation, design of improvement actions, control services and project programming and assistance during the start-up phase.
  • Real use of Basque in organizations
  • Staff training and training
  • Euskera quality certifications
  • Increase in external and internal relations in Basque