The sale of used vehicles in Euskadi decreased by 1.6% in 2019

Euskadi closed 2019 with a 1.6% drop in the sale of used vehicles compared to the previous year, a point above the state average of 0.6%, according to data made public yesterday by the National Association of Traders of Vehicles (Ancove). Specifically, over the past year 94,639 cars and second-hand vans were sold in the Basque Autonomous Community. Of these, 49,190 were transmitted in Bizkaia, a territory that registered a fall of 0.74%. The territory of the CAV with a greater year-on-year decrease in this indicator was Gipuzkoa, where the 30,732 sales made represent a fall of 2.93%. Araba, on the other hand, suffered a decrease of 1.92%, reaching 14,717 sales.
Taking into account only the sales of cars, the fall registered in Euskadi rises to 2.21%, so that the number of units transferred in 2019 stood at 80,215 cars. Also in this case, the reduction exceeded the average state decrease of 0.5%. In contrast, the 14,424 light commercials sold in the Basque Country represent a 1.6% rise, compared to the 1.1% drop in the state average.
In the State as a whole, sales of diesel cars fell 3.7%, although they still represent 61.7% of the market, while gasoline units increased 3.8%. Hybrids (gasoline and electric) accumulated an increase of 28.9%.
With respect to the last month of 2019, 8,919 sales of used vehicles were registered in Euskadi, representing a decrease of 5.73% compared to the same month of 2018, while the average of the set of communities was reduced by six tenths . - Europa Press