With a Productivity Improvement Project, we intervene in the production efficiency levels of the company by implementing an autonomous and effective improvement system, training people with techniques and tools for possible production increases and solutions at source. We work with a system of Valuation Indicators (SIV) to facilitate the generation of OEE reports, interactive dashboards and statistical reports.

TASFOR has developed systems and applied Techniques for Improving Productivity, availability, performance and quality in production processes. He has collaborated with the management teams with management and management services for all phases, measurement and valuation of gaps, design, construction, training, commissioning and support.


- Improve quality indicators
- Improve the machine allocation system
- Increase the productivity of the sections
- Interact the user with the machines in real time
- Identify anomalous energy consumption and reduce its consumption
- Reduce the emission during the production process
- Improve performance indicators