Circular Economy

With the implementation in the company of a Circular Economy Model, we intervene in the internal processes of reduction of waste of energy, water and raw materials and in the recovery of reusable materials or complete products, that is, we close the production cycle without leaving in the hands of the final customer the consumption and, at the time, the elimination of waste.
TASFOR collaborates with its clients by offering management and management services for all phases, gaps analysis, design, construction, training, commissioning and support. At the same time, it works with a system of Support Indicators (SSI) to facilitate the generation of reports, interactive dashboards and statistical reports.
  • Reuse the materials used in the production cycle.
  • Increase the durability of the raw materials.
  • Reduce the residues of the materials
  • Reduce de use of energy.
  • - Reduce the use of water.